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Welcome to the online brand creation of PROM. Find out what products we produce before moving on.

Why work with us?



We work with a wide range of cosmetics specially prepared for you, so you can create your brand with the products you want.



We have competent professionals and we have the ability to develop your products from formula to design.



We have the highest quality machines and the best formulas, developed by our Research & Development team. This way your products will stand out for their high quality.

Be part of something big


PROM supports the internationalization of brands.

We want the greatest success and growth of our clients brands, so we help throughout the internationalization process, so that you can easily expand your brand.

We have a factory based in Brazil and a factory based in Portugal,having a strategic position for customers who want to expand the brand to Europe. 

To facilitate the process, PROM provides full support for the implementation of the brand in the market (company creation, trademark registration, documentation, solutions for accounting issues, among others).


PROM has the highest quality production machines, great production capacity, organized, prepared, efficient and open to employees proposals. It is present in Europe and Brazil, being able to produce the most diverse cosmetic products from the most diverse segments, from capillary products to perfumes or body creams.

If you are interested in other segments of cosmetic products, we have technical and chemical teams ready to develop the line you always wanted! The creation process includes development and production services. We also have a design department where we build the image of your brand and the labels of your products, within your standards.

1. Answer

After filling out the brand creation form, we send an email with the details and the budget.

2. Confirmation

After analyzing the project we received your confirmation to start the creation process.

3. Meeting

A meeting with our administrators is scheduled for the presentation of the industry, staff, manufacturing process and last adjustments.

4. Payment

Then the first installment stipulated in the meeting is paid and the brand image proposal is presented.

5. Samples

Samples will be sent for approval of fragrances and textures.

6. Conclusion

The project is completed and the products are sent to you.

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