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Welcome to Prom Beauty’s online brand creation. We will present several brands and product ranges that are successful thanks to their high quality and an organized and effective work



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We have two factories, one in Portugal and other in Brazil, with the best machines, raw materials and technicians that are capable to produce your cosmetic products exactly as you wish and with the promised quality.

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We have the best equipment and a Research&Development team that includes chemical engineers that are capable of development formulas for all types of cosmetic products.

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APROM Beauty offers production machines with the highest quality and production capacity, with organized and prepared staff that is open to suggestions. PROM is present in Europe and Brazil which allows us to produce the most diverse cosmetic products, from hair products to perfumes or body care. If you are interested in other segments, we have prepared teams for your brand development.

Your brand creation includes development and production services. We also have a design department where we can make your brand labels and layout.


1. Reply to your mail


2. Project confirmation


3. Meeting


4. Payment and image presentation


5. Samples Shipment


6. Brand Conclusion

1. Reply to your mail - After filling the brand creation form, we send an email with the details and our budget.

2. Project confirmation - After the project analysis we have to receive your confirmation to begin the creation process.

3. Meeting - We arrange a meeting with our directors in order to present our factory, staff, and manufacturing process.

4. Payment and image presentation - After the payment of the first stipulated part on the meeting we make the presentation of the proposed brand image.

5. Samples Shipment - We will send you samples so you can approve the frangrances and textures.

6. Brand Conclusion - We conclude the project and send you the your final products.

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By filling the following form we can evaluate what you want in your brand and we will have the information to get in touch with you! For a more effective form we ask you to fill in all fields. Your information is safe with us and will not be provided to anyone outside PROM Beauty.

Warning: Due to our machine and industrial tank sizes, the minimum quantity of product is 100Kg per reference, making it impossible to produce in any lower quanities.

* Describe your project, providing info about quantities, type of products, deadlines and investment value.